Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Sunday Question

Which book (or books) will you treat yourself to this holiday season?

I'm taking a short
break from my holiday baking (Pfefernusse, Joy
of Cooking, 2006, Swedish Coffee Bread, Saveur Cooks Authentic American, 1998) and hope to improve the hour by posing a Sunday Question.
I've noticed that customers are coming up to the counter laden with gifts for others, but will often then apologize for books they've purchased for themselves.
"Oh, you don't need to wrap that!" they exclaim. Then their voices drop to a stage whisper, "I'm buying that for myself."
I just don't think that's right. Buy books for yourself proudly. Proudly declare the books you wish others would buy for you, otherwise you'll end up with a stack you'll have to return.
So, in the spirit of disclosure, I'll begin with the books I will be treating myself to, unless someone else (hint, hint) beats me to it.
First will be:

A Kingdom Far And Clear, a collection of Mark Helprin's enchanting tales, not necessarily for children, perfectly illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg.

Next I find myself in need of yet another cookbook. Sparky asks how this could be, since I have about fifty on display, and another fifty still in boxes. I confess to being a cookbook-aholic. My cookbook of choice for this season is: The Essential New York Times Cookbook, as much for Amanda Hesser's distillation of 150 years of American cooking as the recipes themselves. It's not just a cookbook, it's a historical document!

Lover of poetry that I am, I have to add two-time Pulitzer prize winner Richard Wilbur's new collection, Anterooms.

Oh, and Sparky and I have decided that we both require Maira Kalman's amazing book based on her New York Times blog, And the Pursuit of Happiness, a gorgeously illustrated meditation on our country's past, present and future.

That's my list of must-haves. What's yours?

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As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

My must-have this year is a book I bought for myself (and proudly!) -- the beautiful new annotated Pride & Prejudice from Belknap/Harvard University Press. It's gorgeous and I love it!

My must-reads for when I get a breather from working holiday retail -- I have a stack of advance reading copies that I want to sink my teeth into. New book from Ann Patchett, new collection of letters from Eudora Welty, and other gems.