Friday, December 3, 2010

Picturebooks About Winter

There are Christmas books galore, Hanukah books, books for every possible religious holiday. But what about the books that celebrate winter? Here in Massachusetts we are lucky enough to get real snow in the winter. Snow perfect for skiing, sledding, snow-shoeing, throwing, and building. Winter is my favorite season and I like nothing better than going out to play in the snow. But for those of you less inclined to go outside, here are some winter picturebooks to enjoy with a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee By Chris Van Dusen

Mr. Magee and his dog Dee set out one winter day. Mr. Magee doesn’t know how to ski, but he climbs up the hill and sets out to give it a try. But Mr. Magee isn’t good at steering or stopping yet, so what’s he to do when he runs into a moose and a ravine?

Van Dusen’s illustrations are bright, colorful, and dynamic. He has an astounding ability to capture the light of winter and the myriad of colors reflected in snow. A perfectly delightful book for skiers or those for whom skiing is a terrifying activity. Ages 4-7.

In My Forest By Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich

This sweet boardbook features a finger puppet deer as a part of the picturebook. Babies will enjoy the bright colors, die-cut book, and finger puppet. The collage illustrations are lovely and the message perfect for a book read before bed.

Counting on Snow By Maxwell Newhouse

As we count arctic animals, snow begins to fall on the tundra. Thicker and faster it falls until the animals are almost obscured. This is a quiet book, dark but beautiful. Each scene portrays the vastness of the tundra and there is a sense of majestic space in each illustration. Ages 2-4

Snow By Uri Shulevitz

A Caldecott Honor Book

It is a gray day, but a boy sees a few snowflakes in the sky. The adults dismiss the snow and the radio denies the weather but a boy and his dog go out to celebrate. This is a beautiful celebration of the magical qualities of snow. While the book begins gray and dark, the snowstorm changes the scene, leaving bright white and sky blue in its wake.

This quiet book celebrates the magical qualities of snow and the wonder it can bring. Ages 4-8.


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