Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the Second Day of the Holidays My Bookseller Recommended to me!

Twooo animal reads!
The following books are puuurrrrfect! For both non-fiction and fiction animal lovers!

SOME WE LOVE, SOME WE HATE, SOME WE EAT by Hal Herzog. Herzog uses this book to explore the moral complexities of relationships people have with animals. Why do so many people denounce cockfighting but think nothing of popping back a few fast food chicken nuggets made from hens whose lives are undoubtedly worse than the gamecocks’? How is U.S. Congress able to not recognize certain breeds of mice and rats as animals in the Animal Welfare Act, enacted in 1966 and still in place today? Herzog’s book leaves more questions than answers in this book that is endlessly fascinating, describing in surprising detail the ambivalence, ambiguities and complications we feel towards the animals we love, hate, and eat. ~Emily

ROSE IN A STORM by Jon Katz. Jon Katz has become one of America’s favorite writers on all things dog, and with this book, he combines his passions of dogs and fiction writing, with a sheepdog protagonist named Rose. Anyone who has read Jon’s books, or heard him on WAMC or at the Odyssey knows him to believe that the way to have a good dog is to be a good human, and the ‘fictional’ farm locale for this book is a place where dogs and humans thrive together. When a ferocious storm harms the human, it’s up to Rose to battle the storm, help the farmer, and save the livestock. Jon’s love of and respect for dogs is obvious throughout this book, as is his gift as a storyteller. A great holiday heartwarmer. ~Neil

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