Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Fourth Day of the Holidays My Bookseller Recommended to me!

Four Favorite books!

GOING BOVINE by Libba Bray. Protagonist Cameron has giving up on his family, all too wrapped up in their own lives, particularly his twin sister, to not even acknowledge his existence. But Cameron’s world is shaken up when he’s diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jacob, or mad cow disease. A boy, who at sixteen has never truly lived, is finally given a chance to experience the world as he sets off on an unlikely quest to find a cure and save the world. Mentored by Dulcie, a punk angel with pink hair and spray-painted wings, and assisted by a hypochondriac dwarf and a rescued garden gnome, Cameron sets off on a hilarious road trip in which shenanigans ensue and he learns a little bit about life. A great read with a Don Quixote twist. Ages 14 & up ~Marika

ART AND MAX by David Wiesner
. Three time Caldecott Award-winner, David Wiesner, charms audiences once again with this off-beat story of friendship and mentorship. Art, an accomplished painter and Max, an enthusiastic beginner, fall into a whirlwind adventure when Max is inspired to begin painting. The adventure brings them through some pitfalls but ends triumphantly. Mentor unexpectedly becomes the mentored and all through beautiful illustrations that will be long-loved by both kids and adults alike.
Ages 3-6 ~Sophia

by Kathleen Kent. In this prequel to her best-selling The Heretic’s Daughter; Kathleen Kent delivers another powerhouse historical adventure. Her heroine is again Martha Carrier, Kent’s own ancestor who was hanged as a witch in Salem. The thorny romance of young Martha and Thomas Carrier, a mystery man rumored to have fought in the English Civil Wars, is set against the harrowing pursuit of the executioners of King Charles I. ~Chrysler

by Julia Stuart. This novel is one of those rare gems that introduces you to indelibly quirky characters, showcases a plot that is utterly rewarding, and provides just as many laugh-out-loud moments as poignant ones. I can’t tell you the last time I read a book filled with such wonderment, and it really is a joy to read a book whose literary value isn’t compromised by its sparkle and charm. People who loved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society or Major Pettigrew's Last Stand will love this one, too, as will anybody who enjoys books that are pleasantly offbeat and filled with British humor. It was simply enchanting. ~Emily

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