Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Many Covers of A Wrinkle in Time

You may have heard that this year is the 50th Anniversary of Madeleine L'Engle's science-fiction classic A Wrinkle in Time.  L'Engle received tons of rejection letters for her book which many editors thought was not a children's book.  However, since publication, it has won the Newbery and had handfuls of different covers.  Rebecca Stead's 2009 Newbery Award-winning book When You Reach Me is even an homage to L'Engle's classic.  My mother's bookshelf has three copies of this book- each with a different cover.   Check out the covers below...which did you grow up with and which are your favorites?

 This is the original cover.  If you take off the dust jacket of the hardcover 50th Anniversary edition, this is the cover you'll find underneath. 
 The most recent paperback cover.  The entire series was released with covers by the same illustrator, and they're all wonderful.  I love the texture of the prints. 

 A pulpy, sci-fi classic sort of cover.  I know my mom has one of these. 

 A cover by Peter Sis.  I think it captures a surrealistic quality in the book. 

 This cover has the feel of a classic fantasy novel . 

 A cover by Leo and Diane Dillon.  I love all their work and have the set with their covers.  I think this cover works well for both adults and children. 

 A more realistic, classically children's, cover.  My mom has a copy with this cover, but it's never been a favorite of mine. 
 I'd never seen this cover until today, and I think it paints a very happy, idealistic image at odds with what's actually inside. 
 Also a cover I'd never seen before. 
And, finally, the dust jacket for the 50th Anniversary edition.  The rings are highlighted with gold and the type is raised.  I love this cover and the original (printed on the boards beneath the dust jacket). 

What do you think?  Which covers are your favorites? 



As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

The one I read was an early hardcover (alas, not a 1st edition) just like the original. Love it! I think my second favorite is the current paperback cover.

Anonymous said...

My copy has the yellow cover (with the half horse and rainbow) and can I just say how much I LOVED this book and the sequels. A must read for everyone, children and adults :)


Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful series of books I recently found in a local bookstore in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm a native Taiwanese who doesn't know much about the book. But after turning the pages, I immediately collected all five books and googled for some information. That's how I came across your website! The cover I found in Taiwan is the one you said was too dreamy and happy...