Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the Sixth Day of the Holidays My Bookseller Recommended to me!

Six Quirky Titles...

THE WAVE: IN PURSUIT OF THE ROGUES, FREAKS, AND GIANTS OF THE OCEAN by Susan Casey. I have never surfed, it is not likely I ever will; nonetheless, I found this book fascinating! I had no idea that there is a group of extremely talented, courageous, and a bit mad surfers traveling around the globe looking for 100-foot waves. Nor did I realize that huge freighters are disappearing at an alarming rate, probably the victim of massive rogue waves that appear so suddenly there isn’t time for an SOS. The book includes interviews with wave researchers who are attempting to understand why wave heights have increased by 25% in recent decades and what the future holds for the millions of people who live near a coastline. A compelling and frightful read. ~Joan

SQUIRREL SEEKS CHIPMUNK by David Sedaris. These anthropomorphized stories of the human condition perfectly showcase Sedaris’ trademark wit and snark as well as his more insightful commentaries. Think Aesop’s fables, but with an absurdist twist! Pick up a copy for yourself or for anyone you know who appreciates irony and offbeat humor. The audio version, read by Sedaris himself, is also great! ~Emily

by Charles Elton. What happens when a chance encounter by an American tourist with a dying man in London results in a runaway-bestselling children’s series? Luke Hayman, whose alter ego, Luke Hayseed, is the protagonist in his father’s books, discovers the hard way how fame is like the fickle medieval Wheel of Fortune, feeding his family’s dysfunctional neuroses and uncovering their secrets with every upswing in the series’ popularity. As delightfully quirky and unpredictable as The Royal Tenenbaums. ~Emily

AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS by Maira Kalman. In Maira Kalman’s latest graphic work she takes on America’s political history in a very personal and entertaining way. Through the narrative of her own experiences and visits with both politicians and places of historical interest, Kalman illustrates with her trademark paintings how our country is structured and how it came to be that way. Kalman is the master of sharing small stories and little known facts in such a way that the reader gets her unique perspective on what it means to pursue one’s happiness. ~Nieves

by Birgitta Ralston. Once upon a time, I hated winter. Then I realized this was an untenable position for a New Englander, when winter often lasts six months. I bought cross-country skis and snowshoes and I started loving my time outdoors in the snow. So I was thrilled to find this small gem of a book, which outlines 25 great outdoor winter projects. Forgot how to construct a snow fort? Never made ice cones? How do you build a campfire in the snow? The answers are all here. ~Chrysler

SIMPLE TIMES: CRAFTS FOR POOR PEOPLE By Amy Sedaris. With her trademark sass, kookiness and kitsch, Amy Sedaris presents her second book after her wonderfully popular I Like You. Like Sedaris’ first book, it takes a tongue-in-cheek look at crafting with some of her own original craft projects. In this new saga of Sedaris’ adventures, she takes the reader on an extended “crafternoon” that includes crafting with food, shells, yarn, matches, dead bugs and so much more! While this book may not be for everyone, it is the perfect hilarious gift to give for the crafter/ prankster on your list. Just be sure to take notes before giving it away! ~Nieves

Okay so "quirky" might be subjective but you get the gist!

Hope you have a cup of something warm or someone warm to cuddle up next to!



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