Monday, December 13, 2010

On the Third Day of the Holidays My Bookseller Recommended to me!

three mysteries! (Both adult and kids!)

WORTH DYING FOR by Lee Child. Lee Child’s fans held their collective breath at the end of 61 Hours, his book published this past spring. It was entirely possible that Jack Reacher, Child’s ex-military cop hero, had not escaped the massive explosion that concluded the book. But in the new book, Reacher is back, injured and slower, but back. He’s in Nebraska, trying to get back to Virginia to see a woman. He stumbles into a town totally controlled by the Duncan family, and in typical fashion, steps on a few toes,bangs up a few people, and becomes a target. And he can’t leave until he cleans up the mess. There is simply no thriller series comparable to the Reacher novels. Each book offers new insights, new thrills, and different takes on old themes. This is definitely one of his best. ~Neil

MOONLIGHT MILE by Dennis Lehane.
Lehane delivers an explosive tale of vengeance and redemption in this brilliant sequel to Gone, Baby, Gone, heralding the long-awaited return of beloved private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro. Amanda McCready was four year old when she disappeared the first time; now Amanda is sixteen—and gone again. Lehane masterfully blurs the line between crime fiction and literary fiction in what is sure to be his most memorable novel yet. ~Neil

. I loved this book. It gave me shivers in the way only a truly suspenseful novel can. The Graveyard Book tells the tale of Nobody, aka: Bod, who has been orphaned and raised by ghosts in a large, unattended graveyard. The book spans over Bod’s life as he probes the mysteries of the graveyard and makes life-long friends who’s lives have passed. Gaiman won the Newbery Medal for this book and it was definitely well-deserved. This coming-of-age story is something that both parent and child can enjoy reading!
Ages 10-99 ~Nieves

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