Monday, August 11, 2008

Yard Sales, El Caminos, Springfield anywhere, and zucchini mechanics.

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you are all well, and if you are in Western Mass I hope you are enjoying this Pacific Northwest-style summer. It is awfully strange for it to rain every afternoon here, but I'm pretty sure someone upstairs arranged it to ease my transition to the actual Pacific Northwest, so thanks weather folk! I mean, I think most people are getting kind of tired of it, but I do sincerely appreciate the sentiment.

So today I have a number of rambly things to mention, rather than a specific book review to post. Good thing I'm leaving, or someone might find this level of disorganization irritating. Here goes:

I'm having a yard sale. People call them 'tag sales' out here, but people to crazy things all the time and I can't be bothered to keep track of all of it. My tag sale will be outside my house, which is in Northampton. There will be signs. If you want to buy houseplants, books (lots of books!), furniture, clothing, old tapes and cds, weird surplus items, and possibly some zucchini bread, you should visit old south street on saturday and follow the signs to our sale. How does this relate to books? Well, you know who calls these events 'tag sales'? Crazy people like Martha Stewart, that's who. Order this book, by Mz. Stewart, read up on how it works, then come buy my stuff.

So my ode to the El Camino is somewhat of a hit on our blog, altho I can't really explain why. In honor, I have found you fine people this other person's Ode to the El Camino. His trumps mine 'cause he has actually owned one, where I have only lived next door to one. Also, I realize this is sounding a bit flippant, so let me bring a veneer of authenticity to this topic by introducing you to the real, original, camino, 'El Camino Real'. North America's oldest and longest road, this is what I remember most vividly of elementary school social studies. A road. Anyway, pick up this book and learn all about it, eh? 'Cause who doesn't love learning?

So a friend of mine (and fellow bookseller, soon to join the Harvard Bookstore, woot woot yay Nicole!!!) was visiting this weekend, and we hatched a fantastic plan. Apparently there is a town, city, village, or hamlet named Springfield in every state in the union. We think someone (hopefully someone who does not live in Springfield) should start a blog/forum/web application to unite the people of Springfields, so that they can revel in the unique yet universal benefits of living in Springfield. Confused by the lack of relevance to your world, or lack of context in this post? Just check out these two books (a, and b), and take a moment to respect the place The Simpsons has carved out in American pop culture. Yeow.

Ok, last thing I swear. This weekend I buggered some basic car maintenance and got air stuck in my fuel injectors (yes, that car is still for sale! I'll drop the price if you mention the blog!) and had to get the car towed to my mechanic. It was even more fantastic than usual. First off, he was there on a Sunday, which is wonderful. Next, he showed me how to bleed the injectors myself so I could fix this on my own next time. Lastly, I paid in zucchini bread. Seriously, I brought him bread to thank him for being around on Sunday, and he didn't charge me anything for fixing my problem or showing me how to fix it myself. Wow. So this doesn't relate to a book but I just have to plug is shop in this, my only public forum, 'cause seriously this guy is amazing. So, anyone in western mass need some car work, maybe have an interest in alternative fuels and/or learning to take care of your car yourself? Go to Seven Sisters Auto in Hatfield, MA. They are a fantastic shop.

Ok, that's all I'll subject you people to today. Take Care, be good to each other, and of course, read everything I tell you to right now ;) Best,

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