Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Speaking of Springfield...

Hello Dear Readers,

Hope you're all well, and if you are in Western Mass I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. Throw on some sunscreen and go soak up the Vitamin D! Do it quick tho, I think we have rain scheduled for the evening.

Bob, our illustrious used and rare book buyer, has been rather busy this week receiving and pricing crates of antiquarian textbooks, poetry, and assorted gems from various sources. One of his recent acquisitions is a photography book by Donald D'Amato of Springfield, Massachusetts chronicling the last 350 years of the city's history. What a wonderful cornerstone for "Springfield Residents United"! Or some such internet thing. C'mon people of Springfields, unite! Or just come in and paw through this book, it is pretty interesting. It is way out of print, but we do have this one barely used copy on the shelf, until someone takes it home. The book is Springfield - 350 Years; A Pictorial History, by Donald D'Amato, 1985, and is signed by the author. I'd show you a picture, but I can't seem to find any. Y'all will have to look it up.

Also regarding Springfield: Banned Books Week. Banned Books Week is Sept 27- Oct. 4, 2008. The Springfield (MA) Library is either celebrating rather early or very late, but they are celebrating Banned Book Week nonetheless with priceless information about our local area. Did you know that the very first book banned in the New England Colonies was written by the founder of the colony of Springfield, MA? That's right, our very own William Pynchon brought The Meritorious Price of Our Redemption to New England in the Fall of 1650 after publishing it in London earlier that year (how's that for quick shipping!). You can read the full article here, and please also thank the Springfield (MA) Public Library for supplying us with this information. I'd say that Springfield (MA) is #1 in all Springfields in the nation for informative and helpful public libraries. Anyone else wanna step up to the plate, or are you all gonna just roll over and give up? C'mon Springfield (VT), I heard you had some fight left in ya!

Alright, Take Care everybody. And of course, be good to each other, buy my car for a million dollars, and read everything I tell you to right now.


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