Friday, July 18, 2008

Ode to the El Camino

Hello Dear Readers,

Well folks, it's summer for real out here, and hot. June had a bunch of rain, with impressive thunderstorms damaging crops and felling trees all over the place, but we've been stuck in a humid heat today. I tend toward delirious plotting as my humidity coping mechanism of choice but find the heat quite enjoyable just the same. In the early days of melting heat this summer Rebecca and I hatched a fantastic plan for Western Mass wading pool domination, and now that it is really warm again I'm dusting off the plans. Please allow me to explain, in rambling detail.

I have a deep and irrational love of the El Camino, a sporty sedan with a pickup bed produced by Chevrolet between '59 and '88 (for reference, check out this book! We can order it for you, if you like!) I don't generally care about muscle cars, am pretty irritated by our auto dependence as a culture, and have only begun noticing well-maintained older cars since acquiring a generally maintained older car, but there's something about the El Camino that just stands out. What twisted cockiness to name your vehicle 'The Way,' when that car-centric way is probably killing us, I love it! My neighbor had one growing up, I associate them with west coast badass and strange chrome choices, and I want one.

Rebecca and I also both want more swimming. Lakes, ponds, rivers, pools, clean water barrels, doesn't matter. When it's 95 in the shade we want more water, all the time. Now, I have a lot of relatives in desert climates, a couple of them live in trailer parks or their momma's basements,
a number of them have pickup trucks, and I have heard rumors of second cousins filling pickup truck beds with water for an instant wading pool. Last month, while collapsed on the couch in a pool of my own sweat, I realized that El Caminos also have a truck-type bed. Just imagine the awesomeness of sitting in your El Camino and, at the same time, sitting in your wading pool. What an incredible collision of worlds! That, my friends is the final plan for Western MA wading pool domination.

Confused by what I mean? Well, here are some useful images:



That's all for now folks, have a great evening!


Ooh ooh, also the store has hired my replacement! woo hoo it's really really real! And I *love* the first edition club, but that is braggy news for another day. Take Care, all.

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