Friday, July 11, 2008

Someday You'll Miss Me...

Hello Dear Readers,

Enough with the pleasantries, I'm leaving the Odyssey. I'm leaving the bookstore job, my fantastic household and housemates, the Pioneer Valley, the state of Massachusetts, the New England Region, this half of the country, and my community garden plot. My housemates will inherit the garden plot, but I am also selling my car if you are interested (1983 Mercedes-Benz 300TD, a navy blue wagon with 264,000 miles on 'er and two years of successfully running on alternative fuels. It is not converted to run on WVO (waste vegetable oil) but I currently run about half WVO half petroleum diesel in the summer (under the advice and supervision of my mechanic) successfully, so my fuel costs about $2.40/gallon and I get something like 22-24 mpg. The car is a champion, but old and not 'restored' by anyone's definition. I'll miss the old broad. $2000 obo) and holding a yard sale in August to hand off all those ARCs I've collected with the intention to read, and maybe an actual bookshelf or two.

I got into a graduate (PhD) program in Environmental Science/Physics in Portland, Oregon. I haven't figured out how to pay for it yet (but y'all are welcome to help, by all means. Have you been wondering what to do with all those benjamins taking up space in your bank vault?) but I'm going to work that out on the way. I intend to engage in environmentally relevant research in Atmospheric Physics, perhaps studying the sources and sinks of atmospheric trace gases (for example, methane) which have relevance to climate. It will be amazing, and tons of work. I'm so excited.

After the cactus-theft fiasco I promised you fine people to never write another non-book-related post, so here are the tie-ins. Remember that car I'm selling, the one that runs on WVO sometimes but is begging for a true conversion or biodiesel enthusiast to take it all the way? She has been pressuring me to read this new book about 2 dudes crossing the country on WVO. The book is called Greasy Rider, by Greg Melville, and it comes out in October from Algonquin. I haven't read the book yet (but I might be giving away an ARC at the yard sale if I get to it by then! You should come by with your wallet to find out.) so I'm irresponsibly recommending it based on content summaries. I want to read this one, therefore you should read it. Hmm, apparently that is also the name of a movie about crossing the country on WVO, but I don't believe the two are related. Here is an article about the author.

So, why study air? Isn't that, like, what the empty glass is filled with? I must be some kind of nihilist, huh? Luckily a book came in just today addressing that very question and exploring that fascinating sea of particles that fills our lungs and protects us (ok, along with our magnetic field) from the ravages of space. An Ocean of Air: Why The Wind Blows and Other Mysteries of the Atmosphere, by Gabrielle Walker, seems like an excellent tour of atmospheric studies for laypeople. I just started it today so I can only say that it held my attention pleasantly through dinner, but here is an involved review of the book by someone else. He seemed to like it.

Take care, dear readers!



Ann said...

We're certainly going to miss you -- but what a fantastic opportunity! I just know that you're going to go and make the world a better place and I'm going to say, "Hey, I know her!"

Thanks for all of your help and support for our books at the store. I've never been to Oregon but I adore their wine, so raise a glass for me and don't hesitate to email if you run short of reading material.


The Odyssey Bookshop said...

Awww, thanks Ann!! I promise to share some fine Oregon wine for you, and to talk up your books everywhere I go. Hey, it hard not to when you guys publish so many great ones. Also, I love your pod-blog. Best,

Michael said...

No need to wait for someday... I already miss you!

best of luck and please keep in touch!


The Odyssey Bookshop said...

Aw shucks, we always miss you. Thanks for the luck! I'll send postcards or something. Best,