Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Pulitzer

Hello Dear Readers,

So that competition I posted about on Monday? Between The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and Remainder? It has been rendered completely absolutely moot (although still entertaining). Junot Diaz won The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction on Tuesday for The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, therefore he totally wins. This is a really excellent book, and you should all read it right now. It was our September '07 selection for the First Edition Club, so we went through a lot of copies of it last year, and I saved a damaged (destroy/donate for publisher credit sometimes means donate to me) copy for Diaz to sign while he was here. It was great to chat with him, great to hear him read, and sort-of-great to ask him to sign my damaged copy and awkwardly mumble about how it won't become a collector's edition or anything, only to say 'wait, I mean, because it's damaged, not because it's not great because it is totally great and I'm sure it'll become a collector's edition, just not my copy, see, 'cause...' Oy. I blogged about it here on the *old* blog, and I guess I raved about it a bit there, but now that Junot has won a big huge major prize, I'm ready to confess. That man smells fantastic. I think I had a smell-crush on him for weeks after that event, heck I guess I still do, and I still imagine writing him a letter to ask what his secret is. But people keep assuring me that that would cross one of those 'appropriate behavior' lines, so I'll just post about it in a public place. Junot, if you ever stumble across this post, I imagine you have forgotten me, but you smell unforgettable. Thanks for visiting the store.

That's all for now. Did I mention that it is spring out here? I've got tulip sprouts out front! We have sold out of signed firsts of Oscar Wao, but we do have copies of the book in stock, so come buy them. Best,

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