Friday, April 4, 2008

Meanwhile in another part of the wood...

Hey there--

As Darcy mentioned in an earlier post, I'm headed out to Germany soon. (Whoot! A humanities major actually doing something relevant to her major!) Oh! and an update on Caitlin-- she'll be moving to Japan in July to teach English for a year. This was at the top of her list for things to do after graduation, so we're all thrilled for her!

I thought I'd post a few highlights of working at the Odyssey over the past 2 years--

*The staff...Joan's Tailgate runs for chocolate (and occasionally fruit); Bob's encyclopedic knowledge; Darcy's humor; Jillian's stories... the list goes on...
*Spending all day in a room full of books. Lots and lots of interesting books.
*All of the interesting, intelligent & fun conversations that occur throughout the day with customers and among staff.
*The clientele-- seriously. Like all of Patrice's helpful advice in solving my sinus issues; Mrs. Parks' frequent visits; Guy's nose for good literature; Nancy's bulk mystery special orders...
*Management. At what other place is something unexpectedly coming up in some one's life NOT a complete crisis?!
*Dennis Lehane 'rescuing' me from the bar chart stand, after it'd toppled over on top of me.
*Eating dinner with Dr. Nick Trout...I will never EVER look at hedgehogs or puffer fish the same way again.
*The fact that everyone here actually *cares* about the world around them, whether it be environmental, political or social concerns.
*Mylaring 100+ books in an afternoon because somehow it got overlooked and the author showed up a couple hours early...
*All of the sleuthing work done in trying to place a precise book in a customer's hands and "Ah-ha!" moments produced along the way.

That's it for now...I'll try to add on as I remember them!



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