Friday, October 16, 2009

Once again, she was right!

I picked up a copy of Gail Carriger's new book Soulless at work the other day, and thinking that I had discovered the new best thing I told my co-worker Rebecca; exclaiming that she had to read it. But, once again, she has "beat me to the punch" so to speak.
Rebecca blogged all about it a couple of months ago when it first walked into the store in Advanced Readers Copy form.
Read the original review below.

Soulless: An Alexia Tarabotti Novel by Gail Carriger
Paperback, 9780316056632, $7.99 - Published October 2009, order from the Odyssey today!
The subtitle says it all, really: A Novel of Vampires, Werewolves, and Parasols. I thought, No, not really, this can't possibly be as witty and engaging as I want it to be. But then I began reading, and to my great surprise and eternal delight, it was!
Alexia Tarabotti is a spinster and a lady, drinking tea and chaperoning balls in London during the time of Queen Victoria's reign. She also happens to be a preternatural, or soulless being, one of the very few lucky individuals who can take away the power of a supernatural being (such as a vampire or werewolf) simply by her touch. When she accidentally kills a vampire (well, he was trying to drink her blood at the time), she is forced to contend with Lord Maccon, the werewolf leader of both the local pack and the local national office of supernatural investigations. Alexia and Lord Maccon find each other argumentative, frustrating, irritating, and secretly appealing as they are forced to work together to uncover who has been making rove werewolves and vampires disappear. Fans of Jane Austen-ish writing and fantasy forces will love this wicked, and wickedly funny, romp through London, supernatural-style.


Simply read the first few pages and you'll be convinced it is one really awesome read. Or as one would say in the pioneer valley it's a book where the coffee tea is strong and so are the women is Alexia Tarabotti!


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