Monday, June 21, 2010

"The World Cup blog post" or "Golllll!!!"

I've been so consumed with watching World Cup games that I haven't taken the time to blog about it. With good reason of course; It has been more exciting than a pinata at a party! After all who doesn't like waking up and watching a rousing game of soccer?

I grew up on the Texas/Mexico border so soccer was a pretty big part of daily life, and I was lucky enough to have been in several leagues growing up. Currently my roommate is from Germany and if there is somebody who understands the power, beauty and fun that is sports spectator-ship for a world tournament, it is her. We joke about what would happen if Germany met up against Mexico, even though we both know Germany will go much farther than Mexico. Even so I keep my fingers crossed.

Soccer is a sport that has much controversy behind it, from France's team Coach Domenech's consulting astrologists to help form a better team, to promising children athletes who are sold into slavery. Futbol, as the rest of the world knows it, is multifaceted.

Below are some books that better explain the sport, the passion and the politics. Click on any of the books or titles to see more information about that particular book, and to order your copy from the Odyssey!

How Soccer Explains the World
By Franklin Foer

Soccer Against the Enemy
by Simon Kuper
Nation Books

Kabul Girls Soccer Club
By Awista Ayub

Africa United
By Steve Bloomfield

The Boys from Little Mexico
By Steve Wilson
Beacon Press
A Beautiful Game
By Tom Watt

Best of luck to all teams in the out rounds. I hope you get a chance to watch some of the games, as some really good matches are taking place. I really think that it is going to come down to Brazil, Argentina, England, and possibly Spain (if they manage to shrink their egos). What about you?



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