Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rainy Day? No Problem!

So tomorrow they are predicting another rainy afternoon. Come on really!? Rain in June! (Sigh)...

If you are a bookworm like most of us at the Odyssey, then a rainy day is just a great excuse to curl up in a window seat with a good book.

But if a rainy day means you are going to be stuck indoors with kids who just want to run around then of course this can be the pits! Fortunately for all of us there are some great alternatives to the Internet, television, and video games! Here are a few suggestions below!

Art with Anything

MaryAnn F. Kohl

Gryphon House


My new favorite art activity book is Art with Anything, by MaryAnn Kohl . This is a great addition to either classroom or home library. It is a great book to give both child and adults something to do! Plus with the many different projects the book offers and variety of materials needed, there will be plenty to do for both the artistically competent and the more artistically challenged!

New Holland Publishers
Then of course you are going to have kids who don't necessarily want to sit down for an art project and that if just fine. For them I would most definitely recommend Spectacular Science, by Christ Smith and Dave Ansell. The beauty of this book is that it will not only show you how to make an experiment, but explain to you why and how it works. The multitude of projects will keep you busy until the sun comes out!
I hope you are enjoying your sunny summer afternoon, and remember don't fret when the rain clouds appear!

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