Monday, May 17, 2010

Monsters minus Monsters

There have been a whole slew of "newly released" classics with a monster twist.

I am willing to admit that I am a real fan of the monster/classic mash up. The revitalization of classic literature with some blood and gory glory is a wonderful thing! But there is something to be said for classics that just don't need an extra monster or two.

Yes that is right. There are authors who were weird enough the first time around.

Enter Franz Kafka's 1915 masterpiece Metamorphosis.

If you haven't read this existential masterpiece of literature, originally published in 1915, then you should definitely put this on your summer reading list. I know that this is not your typical beach read, but is also the kind of classic that will stand the test of time and I believe needs no extra vampires, sea serpents, or what have you.

The Plot:
Gregor Sampson, an average Joe, becomes a venomous, dangerous bug overnight, and of course his life is forever changed. Kafka was a master at looking at the outsider and the way in which society dealt with alienated pariahs. And yet a giant monster bug taking over a man's body is so 2010.
Let me just say:

Metamorphosis is as weird now as it was in 1915!

*Extra zombies, vampires, and monsters unnecessary not included.


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Ink, Pulp said...

I just downloaded Metamorphosis to my phone using stanza. I actually have been meaning to download it and give it a try for a while, but I have been behind on my reading. Thanks for the suggestion.