Monday, May 10, 2010

By Way Of An Introduction

You may have noticed a new face behind the counter (mine) if you’ve come into the store of late, so I wanted to introduce myself here in cyberspace, as well as in person. My name is Chrysler Szarlan. I am a fiction writer and a creative writing coach. I write novels and offer classes and workshops at my studio in the Indian Orchard Mills, and now am a part-time bookseller at the Odyssey. I have been a fan of the bookshop for years, and a regular at the many author events. I am an eclectic and fairly indiscriminate reader. I read a little of everything: literary novels primarily, but also poetry, horror, classics, travel writing, mystery, chick lit, cookbooks. If it involves the printed word, I’ll take a stab at it. I’ve been known to read tombstones if nothing else is in the offing. My guilty pleasures are cozy mysteries (with recipes, of course) and very glossy home, food, and self-improvement magazines.

I feel very lucky to be here at the Odyssey, and hope to be able to steer you to some of your future favorite books.

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