Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tooting our own horn! and a book review - Still Waters

Hey Guys,

Hope all is well. Things here are busy, as usual, and also a bit rainy. So...Robin and Mary from 'Shrinking Violet Promotions; Marketing for Introverts' (I love that title!) profiled our store today. Thanks Guys! We're honored to have made your list. Check it out, eh?

Also, I just finished another creepy strange mystery-type book, Still Waters by Nigel McCrery. It starts with an elderly gardener looking after her grandchildren while they completely disregard her carefully prepared tea-party. They ask for something, she snaps under the pressure and starts cutting off fingers, and we're off! This one involves a lot of poisonous houseplants, and is the sort of story where you get a lot of information from the killer's perspective but still have to read a lot of the book to find a clear connection to the opening scene. Still Waters was quite entertaining, perhaps a bit gruesome at times but not consistently, and gripping enough for me to finish in a couple of days. It comes out in July from Pantheon, so put it on your list, or order it here!

That's all I've got time for this week, take care everyone. May showers ward off drought, right? who needs flowers when we can still go swimming?! Best,

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