Friday, May 2, 2008

new bloggers on the block

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy belated Beltane! I hope you all have been smelling flowers and going for strolls in the grass and stretching out your limbs after the long winter. Sure, maybe it was 25 degrees out here yesterday morning, but we sure had some gorgeous weather last week, huh? I've got a gazillion things to tell you about, but I'll save most of them for later to avoid blowing your mind and rendering you speechless.

We have some dear bookfriends who just stepped into the blog world, and they are creating a really fantastic resource. Ann and Michael are sales reps from Random House, but their blog, is a mix of posts and podcasts of the conversations which just don't end at the end of the day. They read a lot of Random House books, but this project isn't officially related to Random House and isn't in any way limited to their books. It is a really great way to learn about new books & catch a bit of their infectious enthusiasm. go check it out right now. how 'bout now?

Ooh, please *please* check out the post about Infected, I read the book after reading Michael's recommendation and totally loved it. It took a moment for me to get over the flashiness of special agents checking their glocks and berettas before leaping into action, but it was so much fun to read, and so captivatingly creepy. They've written way more since that post, but I've been meaning to tell you guys about the book for a while and gosh darn it gets busy here. Neil is on vacation and we've been so busy filling his office with packaging peanuts and glueing his office supplies to the floor that I just haven't had time to write. (Kidding, kidding! We've actually been holding spring bonfires after hours, with the town fire marshal's full blessing, of course!)

Anyway, take care everyone! Stay tuned, I swear I'll write really soon about bagshare, Nowtopia, Mudbound, and eight thousand other fascinating book-related bits and pieces. We went to a Neiba conference yesterday which was pretty interesting, perhaps I'll tell y'all about that. Soon.



Michael said...

Thanks so much for writing about us Darcy... and I'm so thrilled that you loved Infected! You'll never scratch an itch the same way!


Ann said...

Wow, Darcy, thanks for the love about our blog and podcast. You of course know how we feel about The Odyssey, so it means a lot to know that you guys are reading and listening.