Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Sunday Question

If you could live in one book, which book would it be?

First, I must apologize for last week -- I did post a Sunday Question, but I had saved it as a draft and it posted on the date I began it, May 10th. So, if you'd like to weigh in on your favorite books of the Oughts, please read my post for May 10th.

Now, on to this week's question: which one book would you choose to live in? I kicked this one around a little with Odyssey staff and friends.

Marika's choice was brilliant. She would choose one of Jasper Fforde's books. If you're not familiar with him, he writes clever literary/fantasy whodunits featuring sleuth Thursday Next, who solves such puzzles as why Jane Eyre fled, well, Jane Eyre, and how she might be persuaded to return to her book. That way, Marika figures she can live in many books at once.

My friend Aimee is leaning toward The Underneath, a wonderfully evocative children's book by Kathi Appelt, a Newbery Honor book for 2008, I believe.

Nieves said she'd like to live in Kafka's Metamorphosis.

At first I thought she said she would not like to live in it, but I was wrong. Turns out, she can't see living in a book that would present her with the same (or similar) old grind, and waking up to find oneself turned into a large insect would at least be different.

Mine would be National Velvet, Enid Bagnold's gorgeously written paean to childhood, horses, and the English downs. I'd ride lovely horses every day, although being in a butcher's family, I'd probably have to eat offal. It would be worth it, though.

Tell us yours!

~ Chrysler

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