Friday, December 17, 2010

On the Seventh Day of the Holidays My Bookseller Recommended to me!

Seven Kid's books!

ON THE BLUE COMET by Rosemary Wells, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. When the stock market crashes and the Great Depression sets in, Oscar’s father is forced to sell his train sets and move to California, leaving Oscar with his Aunt. Oscar manages to find some happiness when he visits his old trains at the bank. But when he witnesses a robbery at the bank the shock catapults him onto real versions of the trains and travels through time. Ages 9-12 ~Marika

by Allen Kurzweil. This cleverly packaged book comes equipped with all of the accessories needed to perform over 30 experiments on potatoes and potato chips. This little set is perfect for the holiday and winter season, with plenty of activities to do on those long snowy days and nights. And with potatoes at around 99 cents a pound, they’re economical enough to keep curious minds busy all winter long. How can you go wrong? This is a sure fire hit with both reluctant readers and scientific minds alike! Ages 8-12 ~Nieves

CHILDREN MAKE TERRIBLE PETS written & illustrated by Peter Brown. Every child goes through a phase in which they simply must have a pet. Children Make Terrible Pets puts a new twist on this classic situation when Lucy the Bear brings home a human child. Her mother (like any sane mother) is not pleased—just think what a mess he’ll make! This is a delightfully silly picturebook with fun illustrations. Ages 3-7 ~Marika

by Linda Sue Park. Based on a true story, this novel by Newbery Medalist Park describes the daily life of two teens from Sudan: Salva, one of Sudans “lost boys” who must survive on instinct alone in order to evade marauders bent on kidnapping him for the enscripted militia; and Nya, a girl who must spend eight hours every day walking to and from a distant pond to gather water for her family’s survival. When their stories intersect, it's magical and heartwarming, as their endured hardships and loneliness are paid off, if not in full measure, then at least in a satisfying but realistic way.
Ages 10+ ~Emily

by Anna Dewdney. The rush and bustle of the holidays can be too exciting for Llama Llama and the waiting is difficult. But in all the hustle and bustle, Llama Mama does not forget the most import thing, family. Another sweet installment in the series. Ages 3-5 ~Marika

CHRISTMAS IN THE TIME OF BILLY LEE by Jerdine Nolen, illustrated by Barry Moser. Meet Ellie, a young girl who makes three wishes one Christmas season. When her friend Billy Lee, who may or may not be real, tells her “there is magic in believing something good with all your heart,” readers are sure to join in, crossing fingers and toes and believing solemnly in the wonder and mystery of the holiday season. Moser’s watercolor illustrations will engage young readers and invoke feelings of nostalgia with older generations. Bonus: the model for Ellie is Safiya, daughter of Odyssey customers and local residents, Lex & Marria Carrington!
Ages 4-7 ~Emily

LULU AND THE BRONTOSAURUS by Judith Viorst illustrated by Lane Smith. Lulu is a nasty sort of child who throws tantrums when she doesn’t get exactly what she wants—and her parents always give in. But when Lulu demands a Brontosaurus her parents refuse. Determined to get a Brontosaurus, Lulu packs a suitcase and sets off to find one and make it her new pet. But Lulu and the Brontosaurus have something in common: they’re both looking for a pet. And the Brontosaurus doesn’t give in to the demands of screaming children. Ages 3-8 ~Marika

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