Monday, November 8, 2010

Amy Sedaris' New Book

I am quite gleeful in announcing that Amy Sedaris has a new book out this month!

With her trademark sass, kookiness and kitsch, Amy Sedaris presents her second book after her wonderfully popular “I Like You.” Like Sedaris’ first book, it takes a tongue and cheek look at crafting with some of her own original craft projects. In this new edition of Sedaris knowledge-sharing-adventures, she takes the reader on an extended crafternoon; that includes crafting with food, shells, yarn, nuts, matches, dead bugs and so much more!

I am the first to admit that not everyone is going to understand Sedaris or know what to make of her wacky ways (see exhibit a); and while this book may not be for everyone, it is the perfect hilarious gift to give for the crafter/ prankster on your list. Just be sure to take notes before giving it away!


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