Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hilarious new read!

I just finished reading a memoir of one man's time at Hampshire college in the late 1980's. I have to say that Richard Rushfield's Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost was pretty hysterical.

Less than two decades after Hampshire College, an alternative to collegiate education, where students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, build their own curriculum and create their own majors, Rushfield enrolls as fresh faced student.

The memoir chronicles Rushfield's time on a campus filled with the subculture of subcultures. During his first year, the bulk of the book, he has a slew of adventures involving himself and a group known on campus as the "Supreme Dicks."

While college is definitely a time in many young people's lives where the search for self begins, it is, as Rushfield's title would suggest, often a long and winding road to self discovery, and sometimes with no real clear cut answers.

This memoir evokes a time in the childhood of a new college from one man's perspective that is laugh out loud funny.

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