Sunday, May 4, 2008

Odyssey Kids! - Kids Krafternoon/ATCs

Hello all! I'm thrilled to tell you about our first Kids Krafternoon, featuring Nisha Dawson and her family introducing us to the phenomenon of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). First begun in Switzerland, ATCs are primarily an adult interest. They are baseball card-size, and people use all kinds of materials and mediums to decorate these cards, making them mini works of art, and then trading them with people. Nisha has been instrumental in introducing ATCs to children wherever she goes, and we were lucky to have her and her family with us on Saturday to show us how it's done.

We had quite the little crowd for our first Kids Krafternoon - it was held from 2-4 pm on Saturday, May 3, and people were welcome to come and go as they pleased during that time. We gave out little starter packets which included 1 Odyssey ATC, 1 card-protector sheet, and a handful of blank ATCs (1 of which had a background design to get you started!). Then we laid out crayons, markers, stickers, wrapping paper, construction paper, fabric, glue, and scissors, and let the kids go creatively-wild! We turned out some beautiful ATCs, and at the end, we had a great time trading them with each other.

Stop by the Odyssey to receive your free ATC starter kit. Then, at our next Kids Krafternoon
(sometime in July, date TBA), bring in your decorated cards and trade them with other friends!

To find out more about ATCs, or to just scope out some great decorating ideas, check out these websites:
Art in Your Pocket
Artist Trading Cards
or type "Artist Trading Cards" into your favorite Internet search engine.

Sending creative thoughts to all of you!


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